Arrive on Time

We ask that students arrive at least ten minutes before class to check in, place their mat and prepare for class. We will not allow people to enter class 10 minutes after start time. This is for your safety and the consideration of our other clients.

Silence your Cellphone

We ask that you silence your phone for the duration of your visit to provide a distraction-free environment for all.

Studio Noise

We love our community and catching up with friends at the studio. However, we also want to create a space of calm and quiet, especially during final relaxation (savasana). So, please be aware and avoid being noisy in the studio. Feel free to enjoy our outdoor patio space on the 3rd floor for conversation with friends

Cleanliness and minimal scents will be greatly appreciated by all. We have a shower available on the 3rd floor if you need to take a quick rinse.


Be kind, help, and support each other. We encourage open communication and appreciate your positive feedback and constructive suggestions. Together we will make this world a better place!

We Love our Community!

Always feel free to make modifications during class to honor your body and avoid injury. But, please follow the group as best you can so we can all feed off the combined effort. Please arrive on time for class and avoid leaving class early. Enjoy your practice and be grateful for the time you have set aside for self-improvement.

Honor the Group